About Us

10 Years of Manufacturing LED Grow Systems


Telos is a British biosystems engineering company specialising in photo-bio lighting solutions. Since 2011, we have designed & manufactured high-quality LED systems for use in commercial horticulture and advanced medical applications.

Our aim is to make horticulture more environmentally and economically sustainable whilst improving growth consistency.

Telos 10 Pro original in foreground, Telos 10 V1.1 in background
Telos employee holding Telos 10 Pro original in factory


The people who work at Telos share the vision and standards of our community. Our production facility is located just outside Durham, UK – where each of our units is handbuilt by our local experts.

Each project is approached with a purpose-built team of lighting design specialists. We formulate tailored strategies that provide a turn-key solution for our partners.


From new installations, to replacing and retrofitting, we have your grow-light project needs covered. All Telos systems are designed for safe, reliable and efficient operation in harsh greenhouse conditions.

The same mechanical robustness and future-thinking design ethos ensures our systems are GMP and GAP compliant, making them optimal for the striginet controls required in advanced medical horticulture projects.

Telos 6 V1.1 hanging in greenhouse with plants
Telos LED modules and screws with upgrade instructions open on phone


The full Telos range has designed to be sustainable and can be easily serviced, upgraded or recycled.

LED upgrade modules are a simple and cost effective way to radically improve your unit. The upgrade packs have all the required parts and tooling to increase light output while reducing power consumption.

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