Frequently Asked Questions

Below you fill find an FAQ for our latest control innovation; Telos Mesh, an easy to use, precise and scalable control solution.

Connection Setup

Telos Mesh is available on both android and iOS devices, you can download either versions here.

Connecting your first light is easy. Set the Mesh driver to Bluetooth pairing mode, create a network and press ‘scan for lights’ within the app, select which model light you have and begin controlling! For more detailed instructions you can view our Quick Start video.

If you’ve taken your phone / device further than 10m from the light, then you will likely need to reconnect in order to make further adjustments. In order to do so, stand within range of the light and press ‘CONNECT’ in the top right hand corner of the app.

Control Settings

Yes! Telos Mesh uses Precise PPFto provide highly accurate control over the light output. It’s possible to make quick adjustments with a slide-bar or enter the exact PPF output desired into the app for maximum control.

Mechanical timers are not required with Telos Mesh, scheduling is simply done within the app. It’s easy to enter an on and off time and view the current on-time within the app.

To create a schedule you must begin in the ‘Schedules’ tab within the app. First set your on and off time and optionally enable the simulated sunrise/sunset feature. Head back to the ‘Grow Lights’ tab and select which light you wish to apply a schedule to, then press ‘apply schedule’. For more detailed information, we have a full video on scheduling.

By looking at the status LED on the driver. A solid blue LED with an intermittent green flash is an indication that a schedule is currently applied to that light. If the the light is in an off-period then only an intermittant green flash will be visable.

No. During the light off-period the status LED will be off. If a schedule is running, then the status LED will have an intermittent green flash to show that a schedule is running. The green light will not cause any disruption to the plant’s night cycle.

When creating a schedule there is the option to include a sunrise and sunset. It’s important to note that the sunrise and sunset feature will occupy the first and last 30 minutes of the light on-period of the applied schedule.

Privacy Lock

Privacy Lock is a feature unique to Telos, once enabled it prevents any Bluetooth messages being sent from the light. Effectively making the unit invisible to anyone searching for a Bluetooth connection. Please view our Privacy Lock video for more detailed information.

If you activate Privacy Lock, you should see the status LED on the mesh driver turn a solid purple. If you look on the ‘Grow Lights’ page, the icon will also have a purple glow.

To provide maximum security and privacy, you won’t be able to make adjustments once the feature is activated. To make changes, you will need to perform a hard reset using the touch sensor (see troubleshooting below) and then reconnect to the light by pressing ‘CONNECT’ via the app.


Connection is done entirely from the Telos Mesh app, please do not try to pair the light with the Bluetooth built into your phone.

If you have more than one light check that you are connecting to a light which is not already connected to the network. 

Turn the light off then wait 30 seconds before turning it back on again. Turn on flight mode on your phone then close the app then disable flight mode and reopen the app. This will reset the connection on both sides. Try to connect again. 

If this does not work then perform a hard reset on the light. 

If the problem persists then you should try deleting the data and cache of the app from within the phone settings. The android instructions are here and the iOS instructions here.

Currently, the app does not self identify which light you are trying to connect. You have to select which light you have from the dropdown menu on the ‘Light Setup’ page. Select your light > options (dot dot dot) > edit light.

You need to enable location permissions for the app to be able to search for your light using Bluetooth. Please check that location is enabled on your device and try again. The instructions for Android are here and instructions for iOS are here.

We’re aware of an issue which can prevent the app from reconnecting to the light. Our development team is working on a fix which will be rolled out soon in an app update.

The workaround for this is to turn flight mode on then close the Telos app. Turn flight mode off then reopen the app. This resets your Bluetooth connection and you should now be able to reconnect. 

A hard reset is done using the touch sensor on the driver. At any point, press and hold the touch sensor for 3 seconds, keep holding until the status LED begins to flash red. At this point, release the touch sensor and press and hold again for 6 seconds, keep holding until the LED modules (full grow light) begin to flash. Once the lamp has flashed, the hard reset is complete. We have a video on this here.

If you are having further issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team on either or 0191 691 0611 and one of our experts will be happy to guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you found this information useful and learned something about Telos Mesh. Though, if you still have any more questions or would like further support, our team is always happy to help. A simple way to reach us is by visiting our contact page via the link below.

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