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Next Generation Mesh Control
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Growcast OS: Grower-centric software

No Wifi, Master controller, or timers needed.

Growcast uses a new, completely decentralised wireless control technology called Telos Mesh. Simply plug your device in and tap “add”  in the Telos app and the networks created.

Each new Growcast added to the network increases the range forwarding on message to other devices rather than reporting back to a central router or controller.

The Growcast doesn’t use proprietary connections that force you to buy a specific brand of grow lights. Our goal was to make universal controller that could connect to any dimmable light on the market.

Right now most growers are using dimmers that display a percentage that is completely inaccurate to the actual amount of light output their setting. The Precise PPFD feature maps measured photometric data to your grow room and calculates the average PPFD value across the canopy in real time.

Growcast sets the light output using with quantifiable data and provides power consumption and efficiency monitoring.

With a Growcast connected you don’t need any heavy duty contactor panels switch your Grow lights on and off. The Sun rise/ Sun set feature smoothly dims your lights on and off from stand by mode.

By gradually changing the power consumption you protect your equipment from current surges caused by switching large AC loads.

When new features are developed you won’t get left behind. You can update the Growcast software wirelessly with just a few taps of the Telos App. 

Powerful Android and IOS app

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Grow more efficiently with data driven control

Optimise your lighting levels to maximise growth whilst saving energy. The Precise PPFD control inside Telos Mesh allows growers to follow a lighting schedule in a similar way to existing feed/nutrient schedules. Growcast can help you get the most from your existing grow lights by keeping lighting levels below the light saturation point of your plants, avoiding energy wastage. Read More

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Buyer Compatibility Protection

Be one of the first to trial the Growcast with your setup and if you’re not happy return the product within 30 days for a full refund.


The Growcast is a great leap forward from traditional grow light controllers. When I started the Migro channel I wanted to help growers better understand values like PPFD. Now with the Growcast you can actually set these values for your grow light at a fraction of the cost of other controllers and sensors. Fantastic bit of kit.


Hilltop Leaf

Hilltop Leaf is delighted to be working with Telos to develop next generation grow light systems. We’ve been using Telos Mesh in our growth chambers for the last 12 months and it’s been fundamental to the research we’ve been conducting.

Hamish – CEO Hilltop Leaf

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Growcast Compatibility List

Check out our ever-growing compatibility list to see if your grow lights are currently listed.

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