Telos Mesh Touch Control


When we started development of our Telos Mesh technology we knew that growers would love using the precise wireless control but that it was also important to offer a way to manually control the system for customers who don’t fancy using the app. 

As a result, Telos Mesh comes with an integrated touch sensor on the side of the driver which is used to control the light and cycle through the pre-set light output intensities. There are four levels of light output to ensure that there is a level to suit all stages of the plant life cycle. Continue reading this blog post or watch our quick video below to see how the touch controller works. 

Using the touch sensor

Telos 10 pro mesh in grow tent

The touch sensor is activated by lightly pressing on the yellow circle printed on the black cover on the LED driver. There is a status LED under the cover which will change colour to tell you which mode the Telos is in.

When the light is first turned on it will enter standby mode, this is indicated with a green LED. The LED modules will be off in this mode and there is no light output.

Telos mesh green led

Pre-set light output levels

When the light is in standby mode press the cap once to enter the first of four pre-set light output levels.  

The first output level is represented with a yellow status LED. In this mode the light will provide 25% output. We recommend this setting for propagation or for plants that prefer a lower level of light.

Telos mesh yellow led

An orange status LED indicates that the Telos is in medium intensity mode, this provides a light output of 50% and is ideal for vegatative growth.

Telos Mesh orange led

Deep orange is high mode and the system will provide 75% of its light output. We recommend this setting for autoflower plants where they receive more hours of light than other types and there is a need to reduce the light intensity during the flowering stage to limit the DLI (daily light integral, the amount of light received over a 24hr period).

Telos Mesh deep orange led
A red status LED is displayed for the fourth, high performance mode. In this setting the LED modules will provide their maximum output. We recommend this for the flowering stage of photoperiod type plants.
Telos Mesh red led

How to activate bluetooth mode

You need to activate bluetooth mode to start using Telos Mesh with the Telos app. Firstly, use the touch sensor to cycle through the modes until the status LED starts flashing blue. For security, the light will not start advertising a bluetooth signal until it has been in this mode for at least three seconds. If you don’t intend to use bluetooth then this can be cancelled by pressing again to cycle through the next Mesh mode. 

Once the light has started bluetooth advertising, it is ready to be provisioned onto the Mesh network. Read our Mesh Quick Start blog to learn more about Telos Mesh app and how to get up and running with your first mesh network. 

After the provisioning process is complete, the status LED will be solid blue to indicate that the Telos is connected in bluetooth mode.

Performing a hard reset

The touch controller is also used to activate the hard reset function which will erase all bluetooth mesh settings, including PPF settings and schedules. Resetting via the Telos app is the quickest way to remove the light from the network and reset it, but this method is useful if you have lost access to the Mesh network.  

To do this, simply press and hold the touch sensor for three seconds. The status LED will start flashing red. You can still cancel the reset at this point by either doing nothing until the red LED stops flashing or pressing again to cycle through to the next mode.

If you want to go ahead with the reset then release the touch sensor and then press again for another three seconds. Both the status LED and the light will flash repeatedly to confirm that the reset was successful.

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