Telos Mesh

Telos Mesh: A new wireless control system for grow lights

Telos mesh is a secure, precise and wireless control solution that will revolutionise the way that growers control their Telos LED’s. Here at Telos we don’t release a new product every week. Instead, we think about what the future of horticulture is going to look like and try to develop unique solutions and technologies that are going to make the biggest impact. This new innovation is the result of two years of hard work by our R&D team, and we’re really proud of what they have achieved.

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How does Telos mesh work?

The diagram below shows multiple Telos systems communicating together without a wifi connection. Instead, Telos Mesh uses the latest Bluetooth Mesh standard for communications. Telos mesh is an “offline” and “decentralised” network, meaning it doesn’t require a router or an internet connection. Each light within the network has a latest gen micro processor and functions like a small computer with its own independent operating system.

Diagram of 6 Telos connected with Mesh
When a new network is created on a phone or smart device this creates new network encryption keys and addresses. Each light that is added to a network stores all the addresses and network settings meaning once you’ve set the network up you don’t need to stay in range for schedules and dimming levels to continue to work. Each light has a range of around 50m and can talk to any other lights on that network within that range. But that’s not all; each light added increases the strength and range of the network by passing on and relaying messages. For example, if we positioned one Telos every 50m between our HQ and the moon we could send a message to dim the last light in the chain on the moon from a local smart device. Each light would receive and relay the message until it reaches the light closest to the moon.
Telos mesh circuit board in tweezers

Telos Mesh is a powerful new communications tool and offers scalability from 1 light to several thousand. Actually, the only limit of the network is the memory of the small on board computer and we worked out that the network should safely support 3,000 lights on a single network! Okay, maybe not all the way to the moon then, but still impressive.

Is it Secure?

Privacy and Security is at the core of the Telos Mesh design and all commands are sent with end to end encryption. Firstly the user is in control, the bluetooth functionality doesn’t turn on until activated by the user using the touchpad.

When bluetooth is activated you can connect to the network in around 30 seconds. Once connected, the system will stop broadcasting/advertising. Advertising is important for most bluetooth devices like a pair of headphones as it allows you to find and connect to devices more easily. Advertising isn’t needed with Telos mesh as once added to a network there’s no need to disconnect and reconnect later. 

The device switches permanently from “advertising” to “listening mode” where it listens for encrypted messages sent from the app. This means that you can’t find devices using bluetooth sniffers or bluetooth listening devices and the only device that can talk to the networks is one that has the network encryption key. If the network login or smart device that created the network is lost, then you need to reset each light on the network using the touchpad. Although this could be a long process, it guarantees the privacy and security of the network. 

There is an additional option for backing encryption keys and mesh setting to the cloud, this is useful for larger projects when multiple devices need access to the mesh controls.

Turning on bluetooth with touch sensor gif

Tap to activate Bluetooth mode

What are the benefits of Telos Mesh?

Our mesh drivers are the world’s first bluetooth-integrated waterproof drivers for horticulture and when paired with the Telos Mesh software provide revolutionary new functionality for growers. 

Traditional linking controllers have used ‘telephone wire’ cables to daisy chain a limited number of units together. Using a completely wireless system such as Telos Mesh you can reduce the set-up time and amount of clutter within the grow area. 

Conventional 0-10v dimming usually is a fairly limited technology that adjusts output in incremental steps by turning a knob on the driver or ballast. Changing the setting adjusts the brightness of the light by a consequence of changing the wattage of the power supply.

Telos 10 pro mesh with light coming though heat sink

With Precise PPF™ you can specify the exact PPF output of your Telos LED using the app without being limited to increments. The system takes into account the changes in LED efficiency at the required wattage and the lifetime degradation of the LED performance to calculate the exact power output needed to achieve the requested PPF level. Compared with a 0-10v dimming system this provides a much more accurate and repeatable solution for growers

The app also displays the active power consumption and efficiency at different output settings.

Dimming in app gif

The app allows you to easily group lights together and you can have multiple groups within the same mesh network. Schedules can be created to turn the lights off and on throughout the day and separate schedules can then be applied to different groups of lights within the same network. You can also apply a PPF setting to each group of lights. These combined functions are really useful for advanced growers who will be able to control multiple tents with plants at different stages of the lifecycle using the same smart device. 

The app has an integrated sunrise and sunset mode which helps the plants to wake up and acclimatise slowly when the light period starts. When it’s time for the lights to switch off again the simulated sunset helps to smooth out the temperature change within the grow area, making it easier to maintain the correct environment for your plants.

Any additional features?

The system also includes an offline mode so that you can control your Telos LED without connecting to the app. By pressing the integrated touch sensor on the side of the driver you can cycle through the preset PPF output levels which are suitable for propagation, veg and flower.  

Can you upgrade your existing Telos?

We pride ourselves on never leaving a Telos customer behind! We want to make sure that you can continue to get great performance from your Telos LED for years to come without being left behind by advances in LED technologies. 

The new mesh driver upgrade will enable anyone who owns a Telos 0006, 0008 and 0010 whether it’s a V1, V1.1, Pro or Slimine to upgrade. Even customers who bought an Original Telos 0008 at launch over 5 years ago can easily upgrade to Telos mesh!

What’s in the upgrade kit

The Mesh Upgrade Kits include either a 200w or 300w mesh-integrated waterproof driver, high quality IP66 rated connectors and a 4mm hex screwdriver to complete the swap using our clear instructions. The 300 mesh driver will be used to upgrade Telos 10 and Telos 8 models and the 200w driver will be used to upgrade Telos 6 models.

Can I use Telos Mesh on lights from other manufacturers?

We’re looking at other popular grow lights on the market right now so we can make Telos Mesh technology available for them soon. Keep an eye out on our social media and blog for more updates.

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