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Telos Mesh Quick Start Guide

Telos Mesh is a new control solution which will unlock revolutionary functionality for growers. This guide will explain how easy it is to get set up with your first Telos Mesh network. If you want to learn the basics really quickly, then check out our quick-start video on the Telos YouTube channel.

Getting started with the Telos App

The Telos app is available from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store and securely connects to your Telos LED. For the app to function correctly you will need to accept the bluetooth permissions and have bluetooth enabled when you launch the app for the first time.

Connecting to Mesh

Step 1:

Once you open the app it will load the home screen. You will need to create and name your Mesh network. You can create multiple networks with different settings for separate grow areas. 

Cloud mode will save your network settings and means that if you change or reset your phone then you can transfer all your Mesh settings by logging into the app. 

Private mode does not save any settings to the cloud. This means that if you lose your phone or your password then you will need to use the hardware reset on the lights to reset them and add them to a new network.

telos app creating the network

Step 2:

To get Bluetooth up and running, cycle through the modes on your Telos until the status LED turns blue. Wait for 10 seconds and the LED will flash to indicate that it is advertising the bluetooth signal and is ready to connect. Make sure that bluetooth is also enabled on your smartphone.

Step 3:

On the app, press to scan for grow lights. The available lights will show up on the list. 

Select the light that you want to add to the network to begin the provisioning process.

Telos app lights page

Step 4:

The app will ask you to select which Telos model you have just added. It’s important to select the correct model so that the app can accurately calculate the PPF output. You can also enter a custom name to help you identify the light on the network.

Step 5:

On the Grow Lights page you can see the light that was just added. The app will display the current power setting and details of any applied schedule. 

Telos app model selection screenshot

How to set the Precise PPF output

Select the system to adjust from the Grow Lights page and use the slider bar to adjust the output of the system. Alternatively, directly enter the required PPF setting in the box above. The light will adjust in real time and save the setting as the PPF output is changed.
Telos app setting ppf

How to set and apply a schedule

Step 1: You can create an on/off schedule from the Schedules page within the app. 
Step 2: Use the scroll wheels to set the required on and off time, you can also enter a memorable name for the schedule,“flowering”, for example. There is also the option for a simulated sunrise and sunset. This will gradually wake the plants up at the start of the light period and help to smooth out the temperature change when the lights turn off at the start of the dark period.
Step 3: Once the schedule has been created, go back to the grow lights page and select the light that you want to schedule. Then, tap apply schedule and select the schedule which was just created from the list.
Telos app schedule screen

Do you have to use the app?

If you would rather not use the Telos app then we’ve made it possible to control your LED using the integrated touch sensor on the side of the driver. With this function, you can cycle through the pre-set PPF levels at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% output.
Touching mesh touch sensor

How do you tell if the light is on a schedule?

Once a schedule is created and applied, the status LED will be blue with an intermittent green flash. If the light is in the scheduled dark period, it will only flash green. This is because any other colour could wake the plants up and disturb their cycle.

What if I lose power or Bluetooth connection?

Don’t worry, there is no need to be constantly connected to your Telos grow lights when they are running on the Mesh network. When you change the PPF or schedule in the app,  the system saves the settings within the Telos-designed hardware on the LED driver and remembers them, even if the power is turned off.

If you go outside of the bluetooth range it won’t affect the lights either. You only need to reconnect if you want to make a change to the settings. To do this, go back within 10m of the nearest light and open the app. Making sure your bluetooth connection is on, select the Grow Lights page and press “Connect” in the top right corner.

How to reset the light and the network

The easiest way to reset lights is remotely via the app. This method is available when you are within 10m of a light and connected via the app. From the Grow Lights page select the light that you would like to reset. Press the three dots in the right hand corner and choose “Reset and Remove Light”. This will remove it from the app and also send a reset command to the light. The light can then be provisioned onto a new network or re-provisioned onto the same network.    

If you are no longer connected to the light within the app e.g. you are out of connection range or no longer have access to the app or network then the hardware reset function on the light should be used. This will allow the light to be provisioned onto a new network. We’ve written a separate section below on how to do a hardware reset. 

If you continue to use the same msh network then, from the Grow Lights page, you should select the light which was reset, click the three dots and select “Forget light”. This will also remove it from the app.

How to do a hardware reset

To reset the light using the hardware function, press and hold on the touch sensor. After 3 seconds, the status LED will flash red. Release the touch sensor. If you decide not to reset the light then either release and do nothing or press once to cycle through to the next mode and the reset will cancel. 

If you do want to continue with the reset then press and hold again for another 3 seconds. The full light will flash repeatedly to confirm that the reset has been successful.

When is Telos Mesh available?

The Mesh Telos App is fully available for both Android and iPhone.

If you have any questions about Telos mesh or our range of LED grow lights, please contact us on 01916910611 or

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