Telos Mesh V2 Update

Telos Mesh V2: User Upgrade Guide and Features

It’s time to upgrade to Telos Mesh V2! Understand your plants better and save energy with Precise PPFD, group Telos (and 3rd party) lights into multiple grow rooms and benefit from many usability and functional improvements such as the new Network-Lock feature.

This guide will explain how to easily upgrade your app and firmware in one seamless process. For a quick-start guide, check out our Mesh V2 update video. If you would like to learn more about how the upgrade works and why the new features will benefit your grow – then read the detailed blog post below.

Telos App

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How to upgrade

Step 1: Head over to the Android Play Store or Apple App Store and update your Telos app to the latest version.

Step 2: When prompted select, update your network to V2 as this is where all the new features are stored! Note: it’s perfectly fine to stick to a V1 network if you do not wish to upgrade.

Step 3:  If you selected to move to V2, you will now be asked to upgrade the firmware on your Mesh controlled lights. Make sure you are connected to your network and within 5 meters of your grow lights. Hit ‘upgrade all’ and the process will begin.

Step 4: The firmware is bundled within the latest version of the app, and will upgrade each grow light one by one. Don’t remove power and stay within range of your lighting. Once complete, you will have access to all the latest features!

Grow Rooms

Grow Rooms is a powerful and long awaited feature for V2 of Telos Mesh. Growers can now create seperate “grow rooms”, such as vegetative or flowering, and add lights into a respective space and make global adjustments that will affect the entire room. Lots of valuable data is avaialbe on this page, users can quickly view photometric and power data such as currant wattage being used and what efficency the lights are running at.  

When setting up a room, in order to access the most important information it is recommended to input the grow room dimensions and wall material. If this is done so by the user, the Telos Mesh app will generate an accurate average PPFD reading at canopy level for the entire room. Something that was only previosuly achievable by use of expensive PAR and quantum sensors.

Precise PPFD

Precise PPFD is a unique feature to the Telos Mesh app, as explained breifly in the previous section; will generate an average PPFD reading at canopy level for the entire grow room.

This feature is accessible through the “Rooms” page, found at the bottom menu on the Telos App.

In order to pull through the most important data, the user must set up a “grow room” by entering in the room dimmensions and wall material, for example, 1.2 x 2.4m (grow tent foot print) and white mylar for the wall material.

The app will then take this data (as well as verified photometric data) from Telos and some 3rd party lighting to generate the Precise PPFD reading. Something previously only attainable with expensive PAR and quantum sensors – is now readily available in the palm of your hand.

Any changes to the quantity or intensity of your lighting is immediatly reflected in the average PPFD value.

Rooms page


In version 2 of the Telos app, the decsion was made to upgrade the “Privacy-Lock” feature to “Network-Lock”. Previously with privacy-lock, the user would have to enable this feature for each light that was required to be hidden from devices seeking a Bluetooth connection, this was done on the node page for each light. Depending on how many lights are connected to the network, activating privacy lock on all lights could take up some time.

Network-lock is much quicker and easier to use and makes protecting your privacy even simpler with the latest version of Telos Mesh. After installing the update, you will find network-lock is now accessible on the settings page. When this is activated by the user, all lights on the network will be automatically switched into lock mode at once and you will visibly see the status LED switch from blue (Bluetooth) to purple (Lock-mode). You no longer have to activate it light by light.

Lock-mode works by preventing the lights from sending Bluetooth advertising signals, meaning your lights cannot be seen by anyone outside of the network. It also prevents from accidental changes to your power settings. The network will remember all of your settings and continue to follow your schedules whilst in lock mode.

As an added layer of security, manual intervention is required to deactivate lock mode. Tap 5 times on the touch sensor of any node to deactivate network-lock from all the lights on the network instantaneously. You can now reconnect to the network and make adjustments to your settings.

RTC Module

Telos has always supported existing customers with upgrades; this update will activate the cutting edge real time clock hardware contained within your Telos Mesh driver since launch. This is a tiny on-board electronic device that keeps track of the time. Accurate timekeeping is very important to keep your growing schedules running consistently.

Most real time clocks are powered by a button cell battery which dramatically limits the lifespan of the device. Telos choose to pair the RTC with a supercapictor rather than a battery. The RTC is constantly keeping time, but if the power is cut the supercapacitor kicks in and the light will continue to keep time for another 24 hours.

In the unlikley event that power has been removed for longer than 24 hours. In this case, the staus LED will now indicate that it doesn’t have the correct time by intermittantly flashing red. The red flash will replace the green flash which is active when a scheudle has been applied to a light. All you need to do in this scenario is reconnect the lights to the Telos Mesh network and the time will update and sync automatically.

Note: For larger networks, as long as one light still has the time there’s no need to even reconnect, every 15 minutes the lights will share the time to the network and any lights that are out of sync will be updated.


The upgrade has been designed and tested to be a seamless process; if you have followed the guide and are still having issues. Do not hesitate to conatct Telos for additional support 0191 691 0611 or

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