Growcast Compatibility List

Check if your grow light is compatible with Telos Growcast.
Note: Some lights that are not listed may still be compatible, please contact Telos.

Understanding the compatibility list

Power supply: The power supply collumn indicates whether the Growcast is powered by the selected lighting fixture (self-powered) or requires external power via the included 3m USBC cable (power plug not included).

Lighting adapter: Not all grow lights use the same connection interface for when connecting control gear. The most common ports are RJ11 (square) and M12 (circular). There are some special cases which require a vairent of these connections which will be listed here. If you are stillm unsure, don’t hesitate to contact Telos.

Verified profile: Lights with a ‘blue tick’ icon are verified profiles. These are profiles that have been tested and verified by Telos and contain accurate photometric data for a given light. These lights can be chosen from a dropdown menu when first provisioning the Growcast. 

Common Grow Light Connection Types

Different grow light manufacturers use different “dim-in” ports for their lighting designs. Traditionally most grow lights have been designed with an RJ11 port, however, many newer grow light designs use a waterproof M12 push lock connector. The Growcast has a native M12 connection, but an RJ11 adapter comes included in the box to fit either option.

M12 socket

RJ14 socket

To use the included RJ11 or other non-standard lighting adapter simply push and click the adapter connectors together.

Non-standard Lighting Adapters

Telos Growcast is compatible with many different grow lights from a wide range of manufacturers. The included Growcast RJ11 adapter allows you to connect the Growcast to most major lighting brands. Some manufacturers use non standardised connectors for their dimming ports. We’ve created a range of non-standard adaptors (not included) that will allow you to connect a Growcast to these specialised dimming ports.

Growcast to RJ11 [Type B]

Growcast to M12 twist-lock

Manufacturers may change the dimming connection over the lifetime of a specific model. For example, some Mars Hydro models will work with the standard RJ connection included but some older models require the RJ type 2 connector - Contact Telos for help choosing a connector type.

Growcast Open Source Connection info

The PDF document below details the different pin-outs for our three main lighting adapters. This data can be used to help identify which adapter is required for your grow light and also to support OEM businesses looking to integrate Growcast with their products.

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