A revolutionary new wireless control system for Growers. Securely control lighting without WiFi or any additional wiring by using the latest encrypted 3 Bluetooth Mesh communications standard.

Decentralised Mesh Control

Decentralized programming allows for individual control or mass syncronisation across the network, providing greater precisison and flexibility of the lighting.

Universal Compatability

Compatible with most LED & HPS fixtures that possess a "dim in" port - usually found on the driver or side of fixture. View our compatability page for detailed information.

Sunrise / Sunset

By mimicking natural light cycles, growers can reduce plant stress and increase photosynthetic efficiency, improving plant growth and yield, and saving energy costs.


Grow Lights

Telos Mesh bluetooth controlled LED grow lights allow for precise control of lighting conditions for indoor plants, using a smart device. This technology enables growers to customise lighting intensity, schedules, sunrise/sunset and PPFD data, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

Wireless Control App

The Telos control app for mesh enabled grow lights enables growers to wirelessly manage their plant lighting conditions from a smart device, enhancing convenience and control.

Precise PPF & Schedules

Precisely controlling your grow lighting intensity & timing ensures optimal light levels for plant growth, which can increase yield, improve plant health, and reduce energy costs.

Grow Rooms (PPFD)

Knowing PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) helps growers measure and adjust the amount of light plants receive, resulting in optimal growth, development, and yield.

Used by professionals in the production of the BBC's green planet with David Attenborough

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