Growcast Daisy-chaining

A single Telos Growcast can control multiple connected lights by daisy-chaining the output signal. This means that the PPF setting and schedule will be synced across all the lights which are wired together.

Install the Growcast into the dimming input port of the fixture as described in the user manual. Then use the control linking cables recommended or included by the manufacturer to link from the dimming output port of the first fixture to the dimming input port of the second fixture and so on. Always refer to the original manufacturer’s recommendations when daisy chaining fixtures together. See diagram below.

Daisy-chaining Example

In this example, the Growcast is used to power 3 x 600w bar lights in a single area. For this setup, you will need 1 x Telos Growcast and 2 x Linking cables (recommended by the lighting manufacturer). This will provide single channel control and will syncronise PPF (dimming) and scheduling settings accross all the 3 units.

If you are looking to control multiple rooms or grow areas, additional Growcasts can be added for each individual area and unique settings can be applied to each diferent grow room to accomodate for the various stages of plant growth, for example, vegetative and flowering rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ will help with common setup questions. Do not hesitate to contact Telos directly for further assistance.

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